Proposal Form for Technology Access Fees

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Master classroom and computer lab proposals are limited to $100,000. Proposals for discipline specific equipment are limited to $200,000. Department/units are limited to one proposal per category. Guidelines are provided on the Technology Access Web Site.

Provide a brief explanation describing the proposal, the need for this proposal for instruction, the use of the requested technology by students in instructional activities. Include the number of undergraduate or graduate students that will directly benefit annually and the methodology for calculating this number. If this is a collaborative request among departments, identify departments, classes affected, etc. Please limit description to no more than 250 words. Filemaker does not permit formatting of text, so tabular data is not appropriate.

Example: The Instructional Technology Support Center provides students with University-wide access to 92 computers in three labs and a graduate multimedia development center. In 2004, student walk-in visits to the labs totaled 16,681 [18% Basic and Applied, 8% Business, 23% Education/Behavioral Science, 13% Liberal Arts, 14% Mass Communication, and 25% undeclared]. Faculty from four colleges scheduled 109 training sessions, benefiting 2592 students. Twenty-four Education classes were scheduled, enrolling 576 students. Our computer facilities are controlled using three Dell servers (file, print, and DHCP) that are over five years old. They are slow and crash frequently, causing domain and printer failures. We propose purchasing one Dell server to replace these aging servers. Students using LRC 101B are having difficulty multitasking due to insufficient RAM on the 25 lab computers. We propose installing a 1 GB module to upgrade each computer. The graduate multimedia center offered video-editing capability, digital cameras, workshops, and individual consultation during 523 student visits. Students have requested that we (1) replace the centerís broken slide scanner, (2) replace the aging monitors (over five years old) at the four multimedia development stations, and (3) install a large format color printer for printing out media for the presentations.

There are issues with copying and pasting the project description. If you need help contact Maria Knox at 5184 or

Project  Description:  
Enter the building and room where the technology will be located. If the project includes construction and renovation, please understand this work is performed by outside contractors and will require that the space be unavailable a minimum of twelve weeks during construction.

Proposal Breakdown
List each item requested as if preparing a requisition. Items not listed will not be authorized for purchase. Identify technology essential to the project in case of partial funding. Number of items requested limited to space allocated on web form.

NOTE: The Item Extension Total (Quantity x Unit Cost) and Total Amount Requested will be calculated for you and displayed on the next screen. Reminder: student help and consumables are not be permitted. Please review provided committee allocation process for more information on allowable items per category.

Quantity Items Unit Cost
Will ITD be needed to install, network, or setup  technology? A yes response  will generate a request for  an estimate:  
Yes No

Will electrical or HVAC modifications be required to use  the technology? A  yes response will generate a request  for an estimate:  

Yes No
Will there be warranties, service contracts, labor, and/or  installation fees?    
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If yes, how much? (Warranty, service, and installation  only):    



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It is recommended that you carefully review this form before submitting it. After submission, you will not be able to make changes online. If you need assistance in completing form, please contact Maria Knox, x. 5184 or

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